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Karamaya Products

Flat 2, 43 High Street, Motueka, 7120

New Zealand

​​Tel: 064 274 284 260​

Our Story

Karen and Ralph have aways been interested in growing organic food and contributing to a more sustainable future. After much research and development, we formed our Karamaya Partnership in 2014. "Karamaya Black Garlic" was born when a Wellington Chef suggested that we could produce black garlic from our fresh organic garlic we were introducing to him.

This is an enzymatic (moderate temperature fermentation) process which transforms the colour, taste and texture of the fresh produce, which also adds to the nutritional value just like other fermenting processes.

We believe that top quality nutrient dense food begins with the soil. Ralph was one of the first commercial organic composters in New Zealand, and we plant our crops in a manufactured soil that Ralph developed from his composting business. During this time, Ralph's philosophy was that any plant at any stage of its growth from inception to maturity could be totally sustained nutritionally from natural materials and waste nutrients. 

We are passionate about improving our crops genetically through non manipulative techniques and processes, and we select our seed stock for desirable genetic traits, splitting 50% for seed and 50% for black product processing 

The extensive use of sugar in our foods lead  us to the development of our Raspberry Mousse in 2016 and Raspberry Chocolate Spread in 2017. We use the natural sweetness in our black products and antioxidants in these to preserve the fruit instead of refined sugars.

Karen has used her artistic background to develop the labels and design work.